Low poo. No poo.

Soul Cacheada Daily Care was developed with active ingredients and vegetable oils that restore and respect the natural essence of curly hair. The combination of Semi Di Lino extracted from Golden Flax with Chia, Coconut oil and Jojoba oil improves the structural integrity of the hair fibers, giving strength and elasticity to the hair. Formula without sulfates, petrolatums, and parabens.

Gentle Sanitizer 250 ml

Gently cleanses hair threads with little foam. Moisturizing function, so that the curls are soft, defined and with movement.

Conditioner Co wash 250 g

Hygienizes and conditions the hair while close the cuticles, protects from frizz and keeps curly
hair modeled.

Curls Activator 250 g

Promotes beautiful curls, strengthens the natural lipid layer of the hair threads and is indicated for the routines of low poo and no poo care since the formulation is sulfate free, parabens free and petrolates free.