Hair alignment without damages
to the hair fiber

Richée Professional Bioplástica Capilar is a system that provides an incredible alignment without harming the hair fiber. Its exclusive Multi Control formula is enriched with a Omega Plus blend of oils and nutritious ingredients which are responsible for repairing and treating the hair during the straightening process.

Cleansing Shampoo
2,5 L | 84.54 fl.oz

It cleans gently, without damaging the hair and without harming its natural moisture. Contains Murumuru Oil, with high hydration power, providing shine and strengthening to the opaque
and brittle hair.

Condicionador Revitalizante
2,5 L | 84.54 fl.oz

It provides intense hydration to the hair due to its formula enriched with Murumuru Oil. With high conditioning power, revitalizes the hair, leaving the hair soft and with less volume, facilitating styling
when combing.

Deep Cleansing Shampoo
1 L and 300 ml

Deeply cleanses and prepares the hair for the treatment.

Hair Texturizer
1 L and 300 ml

Reduces volume and deeply hydrates the hair with nutritious ingredients.

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