To save the hair in every situation

Richée You was developed to attend to the different needs of your hair, in order to save hair strands in all situations. It is a powerful and personalized treatment. You choose what benefit you want according to the specific needs of your hair. Each Power Dose can be used individually or mixed to your preferred hair mask or daily conditioner, which will intensify the treatment, resulting in a higher performance.

Luminous Shine
12 ml / 0.41 fl.oz

Formulated with a high concentration of Semi di Lino, Vegetable Keratin and Panthenol, which provide instant shine, restoring the natural luminosity of the hair. It also provides softness and restoration of the hair strands with long lasting and vibrant action.

Richée You Nutrition and Hydration 12 ml / 0.41 fl.oz

Rich in active ingredients that prevent dryness and provide maximum nutrition, ensuring an extremely hydrated hair. Therefore it is also recommended after smoothing treatments. High nutritional and emollience factor.

Richée You Anti-yellow
12 ml / 0.41 fl.oz

Treats and neutralizes yellowing in a fast and effective way. Visible effects immediately after the first application, besides it deeply restores and nourishes the
hair strands.

Richée You Hair Repair
12 ml / 0.41 fl.oz

Indicated for the treatment of post-coloring procedures, guaranteeing recovery of hair strands damaged due the coloring processes. Effective treatment of the hair fiber in its internal structure, since the córtex, to provide hair regeneration and
color protection.

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