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The Richeé Professional offers a complete structure
of advantages to the distributor combined with the
best products and actives that generate confidence
and loyalty from hairdressers and consumers.

The distributors RICHÉE PROFESSIONAL can exclusively exploit its service territory. We offer a traceability system that involves a combination of batch, date of manufacture, and shipment of goods in our stock, which ensures full control to the distributor in the region.

The combination of high performance products, unique packaging design, and competitive prices makes RICHÉE PROFESSIONAL products having great market acceptance. Allied to this is our business model, technical and commercial support that enables our partners to have a strong financial returns and business stability.

The RICHÉE PROFESSIONAL knows how important it is that support material is of quality to conquer and enchant customers. Thinking on it, the brand has items with innovative design accompanying each request.

  • We offer a full sales training program, with tips on product application techniques;
  • Technicians are available to solve doubts and receive suggestions;
  • We offer Richée Professional technicians for giving courses, lectures, and workshops in locations of your choice.
  • * Courses are given provided the structures are met.

  • We have a modern, computerized, vertical warehouse with forklift truck, staff adequately trained to provide maximum agility in shipping orders without errors in shipments;
  • After paying the order (cash or non-cash payment) the carrier will be prompted for delivery within 72 hours;
  • The sale is FOB (Free on Board), i.e., shipping is carried out at the expense of the distributor;
  • We have great partners (suppliers) and a computerized inventory control system that generates assertiveness. Thus, we have no supply shortage in the market.
  • Own a company incorporated in the retail segment of cosmetics;
  • Capital for initial investment;
  • Check availability of desired region;.
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