10 Benefits

beyond natural straight.

10 benefits:

1. reduces the volume 2. repairs
3. controls frizz 4. protects from heat
5. nourishes 6. strengthens
7. actives glow 8. facilitates brushing
9. hydrates 10. restores softness

The line Liso BB Cream of Richée Professional was prepared to promote a straight effect with natural movement and strands easy to style, in addition to 10 benefits for treating the hair.

Their formulas contain amino acids, keratin, and proteins that provide complete care for the strands.

Keep your hair straight for longer. Learn more about the Liso BB Cream Extra Care.


On damp hair, apply a sufficient amount of Liso BB Cream Shampoo, gently massaging the hair and rubbing in the opposite direction, from length to ends. Rinse and repeat this procedure to remove all residues from the strands. Rinse well.
Shake the Liso BB Cream Active Reducer before use and apply on slightly damp hair, lock by lock, from roots to ends. Leave on 20-40 minutes, depending on hair type (curly to very curly). The more curly the hair, the longer action time is required.
Remove excess product in the lavatory, and in case of blond hair (with hair lowlights or blond shades) remove 100% of the product.
With the aid of a brush, make a pre-alignment of the strands. Flat iron lock by lock from 8 to 15 times.
At the end of the procedure, wash hair with Liso BB Cream Anti-residue Shampoo, rinse and apply the Liso BB Cream Multi Benefits Mask, gloving from root to ends for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
Finish as desired (blow dryer or flat iron).