Rich Formula, Perfect Straight,

extreme hydration.

Developed by those who understand beauty, the line Argan and Ojon of Richée Professional is a powerful hair fiber alignment system promoted by heat-activated nanocrystallization, which reduces volume and controls frizz. Its unique formula with Argan Oil, Ojon oil, and D-panthenol brings out the natural beauty of the strands, leaving them silky, perfectly straight, and incredibly glowing.


On a damp hair, apply Argan and Ojon Shampoo Richée Professional, gently massaging and rubbing the hair in the opposite direction, from length to ends. Rinse and repeat this procedure to remove all residues.
The use of gloves is required from this step on. Remove excess moisture from the strands. Divided into six parts. At 1 cm from the scalp, apply the product with a brush and with the aid of a fine-tooth comb evenly spread it to the ends.
Dry hair completely with the blow dryer on COLD air.
Separate the hair into small locks. Finish with flat iron 10-15 times on each lock, from root to ends.
Apply a generous amount of Argan and Ojon Mask on damp hair, lock by lock, the root to ends. Gently massage and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse well.
Finish as desired (blow dryer or flat iron).