The story of Richée started in a setting that is the very picture of beauty,


A city that knows that sophistication lies in the quality of products, from the choice of raw materials to the care with which they are developed. This is the Richée’s inspiration and the formula to always reach the most extraordinary results for professionals and customers. The word Richée represents this commitment: bring to the hands of hairdressers the richest actives available in the world, in addition to the highest accuracy of manufacture.


To find what is best in the world, to bring outstanding results to your salon.

Richée has the commitment to offer products with the best performance and maximum results, which perfectly combine with professional talent to bring out the true brilliance of each customer, in an authentic, sophisticated, and individualized fashion with high standard results. Because in the hands of every professional there is a talent that must be celebrated with the best products, and in every strand there is a beauty ready to be revealed.

  • RICHÉE's Commitment

    High quality
    from selecting raw
    materials to

    For Richée, outstanding results are the consequence of using the best and most established actives, combined with demanding manufacturing techniques and rigorous performance and safety testing.